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Pot Card

Our card is designed for 24VDC, 100W brushed type dual channel 100 ppr encoder motors using low voltage. It has an automatic measurement feature to adapt to different sizes of doors. It adapts to the conditions by automatically increasing (can be canceled) the waiting time in open traffic. In case of power failure, it continues to serve with the help of 2 batteries (optional). ’Pot IE Pot 1002 Pot Card’ sahip Has 3-stage braking. All functions, speed and similar settings can be made with the function switch. On Board RF Module Monoblock (Remote Control compatible) Available.
Control For identification process; The power to the card is cut off, the switch key is held pressed for 5 seconds and the card is energized again. Led Lamps When the light turns on and off, the switch key is released. Following the warning sound from the card, the keys on the control are coded and the door is expected to re-establish itself,
When the installation is complete, the remote control will be active.
Note: A maximum of 4 remote control connections can be provided per Card.