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IE 5008




Motor relay contact current

10 A

15 A

Maximum engine power

100 W (24 V DC)

150 W (24 V DC)

Output current provided for motor

Up to 3.5 A + 3.5 A

Up to 5.3 A + 3.5 A

-External / Internal photocell alarm output (emergency exit feature)

-Internal photocell external photocell connection

-Air Lock (synchronized door opening and closing), Lock-Battery Feature

-RS485 Communication, RF Module Monoblock (Optional)

-RS 485 digital position switch supported

-LCD Easy to use with the instrument panel

- Ability to record and control fault code logs

-3 stage braking, soft start, soft stop, easy operation

- Brushed motor supported.

-24V DC 5A with supply input

-5V 100 pulse phase shift encoder

- Automatic battery charging

- PWM controlled lock output

- Air curtain outlet

Panel with LCD display 2x16 DISPLAY

-To display fault codes on the screen in 3 languages

- Direct photocell can be connected (32 khz)

-Alarm output

- Dry contact function switch

-All fine-tuning capability via control board

-Plastic case, easy installation, aesthetic structure

-Remote control opening 433mhz standard protocol

-Brushed brushless motor support

-Radar photocell card reader, short circuit protected supply