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Minimum value


Motor relay contact current

10 A

15 A

Maximum engine power

100 W (24 V DC)

150 W (24 V DC)

Output current provided for motor

Up to 3.5 A + 3.5 A

Up to 5.3 A + 3.5 A


- Works directly with 220 V AC 50 Hz

-External / Internal photocell alarm output (emergency exit feature)

-Air lock (able to operate two or three doors synchronously), lock-battery feature

- RS485 communication (integration of hospital automation), RF module monoblock (optional)

-3-stage silent braking

-Soft departure-soft closing

-Digital position switch can be connected

- Brushed motor supported

-Photocell eyes can be directly connected to the receiving eye without any receiver box (38KHZ frequency).

- It gives alarm output in the entrances of buildings or in hospitals to open the door.

- The alarm input (CA) as a dry contact automatically turns on in all situations, including lock mode for emergencies.

-Modbus communication with external devices.

- With 8 deep switches, many functions can be activated easily.

-In case the user cannot make the settings, he can return to the factory settings with a single button.

-The remote control can be introduced with the Learn button.

-Pwm supports many locks with different lock options through control.

- In pharmacies mode, there is a safe opening and closing mode in case of pharmacies on duty.

- Door settings can be controlled via remote central system.

-Optional wireless bluetooth control can be made.

-Market and so on. air curtain for use in places (2mA)

-Function and study log records can be downloaded from the internet with the interface program you can see for free.

-Minimum energy maximum power

- Error messages with audio messages